The Story so far

Hello all, here is the story so far. I had this great idea four years ago to run from John O’Groats to Lands End. I achieved this mission on 14th June 2015, Running 1050 miles in 42 days. So why should I think it possible to do it again, why do it at all.

The end to end has long been a fascination of mine and I’ve considered it the challenge of all challenges, partly because we are both a little insane but mainly because of our love of this Country and everything the end to end represents, Great Britain. The route passes through some of the most amazing countryside. Scotland, the Lakes, Wales and especially Devon and Cornwall.

Kenny and I met in Bicester in 1997, I was attempting a career in Financial Services and Kenny had just left the Army. We have something very important in common, Aberdeen Football Club. Our Fathers both hail from the Granite City.

Weve been firm friends for many years and after I joined the Prison Service and Kenny finally ended up in the Metropolitan Police Service, Operational Fitness became an everyday occupation, not so bad for Kenny.

In November 2011 we decided to run the inaugural MK Marathon, held in March 2012. Kenny had run the 2002 London Marathon and nearly killed himself so when I suggested we run MK, he was up for this. The race itself was a disaster, as it rained continually for the whole race and we came in around 4 hours, as soon as we stopped, the sun came out. The bond of friendship between Marathon runners is something I can’t quite explain, I think it’s something about the challenge, it’s certainly on a lot of people’s bucket lists, I was hooked on this Marathon business.

The rest is history, the only thing you all need to comprehend is that being members of the emergency services, shift work is a massive killer of any training plan you put together. Kenny and I work very hard, sometimes upto 80 hours a week to keep our little worlds safe.  So finding time for training is very hard. Any training plan will involve daily runs, tempo runs and long runs which build you upto a Marathon distance safely. I applaud these perfect plans but in our world, training happens when it happens, sometimes work itself is part of your training but I find getting your long runs in will suffice and muscle memory is my back up plan.