Kenny Duff

Hi, I’m Kenny a 41yr old emergency response officer with the Metropolitan Police Service. I currently live and work in London.

I am a great lover of all things Italian, especially the food, coffee, and wine as can likely be seen in my photographs. I am also a very enthusiastic supporter of Scotland’s rugby union team, you have to enthusiastic as it lessens the pain of the wooden spoon, which is another reason I love Italy as they occasionally save us from it.

As a runner and cyclist I am very much part time. I am not built to run but as a young teenage soldier, joining in the early 90’s, I was lovingly beasted around every single place I was sent. If I wasn’t running around it I was sweeping it or polishing it. As for cycling, well I try and cycle to and from Central London on a daily basis generally taking my life in hands against buses and taxis and being treated as a novelty for obeying traffic signals.

I met Ewan in 1996, unsurprisingly in a pub, and we have been firm friends since. Travelling to watch rugby, including our annual trips to Rome, and just general catch ups as and when work allows. We ran our first marathon together in 2012, the first MK marathon, the day after we had been at the Army v Navy rugby. How we ran it I have no idea, but run and finish we did. We have since done several runs together. I was also very proud to support his first JOGLE though not by running, by cooking.


Well despite being mediocre at both running and cycling I believe that if you are able to do something that can be of benefit to others then you should.

Ewan introduced me to Richard and Catherine Laurie and their children Ellie and Thomas. Thomas was living with Cockayne Syndrome, a rare and sadly fatal autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder. Through them I was introduced to Helen & Douglas House hospice who provide a home from home for local terminally ill children and their families. It gave Thomas and his family respite before Thomas sadly died aged just 9 on 19th February 2014.

This opened my eyes to the simply shocking numbers of families going through the terrible heartache of having a terminally ill child and the people out there who try to make it a little more bearable. People like those at Helen & Douglas and those at Lifelites who provide specialist entertainment and educational technology for children and young adults in hospices.

It is estimated that there are almost 50,000 children and young adults in the UK living with live threatening or life limiting illness. When you consider the knock on from that figure, 50,000 Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents and so on the number of people affected by this in the UK is staggering.

This is my reason for the and the chosen charities. If I can get out there, raise monies and raise awareness by pushing myself for a few days I hope it will provide funds that can be used for the betterment of lives cruelly limited by childhood illness.