Ewan Gordon

My name is Ewan Gordon, I’m a Prison Officer, living and working out of Buckinghamshire.

I started running Marathons in 2012 after a friend of mine had died from Cancer, Running the first Milton Keynes Marathon in April 2012 for Sobell House.

I started running for my friends Richard & Cath Laurie shortly afterwards, more specifically their Son Thomas Laurie. Thomas had a Genetic Disorder called Cockayne Syndrome and sadly passed away in February 2014.

I have been running dressed as Forrest Gump since 2014, an idea dreamed up by a friend when I decided to run from John O’Groats to Lands End in May/June 2015. In that run we raised £15,200 in memory of Thomas and the Charities linked to his condition.

I’m running John O’Groats to Lands End (JOGLE) once again, but with a twist, we will cycle the return leg (LEJOG) immediately afterwards, making it the Great British Duathlon. My research tells me this hasn’t been achieved before.

I have no intention of breaking records, I have no intention of changing the world, I’d like everyone to get behind my running and support my fundraising in memory of Thomas. I’m just a regular everyday man who sets his sights higher than most.

Our intention is to run JOGLE in under 30 days and cycle LEJOG in under 10 days, that’s 2,000 miles in under 40 days starting in early September 2018.

I’m raising funds for Helen & Douglas House and Lifelites, Thomas passed away at Helen & Douglas House, it is the oldest Children’s Hospice in the world and I am so grateful for their work. Lifelites invest £50,000 of electronic equipment in Helen & Douglas House every four years, train and support the Hospice Staff and aim to replace all the equipment every 4 years.