A revised beginning

Just a quick update of events of this week, Kenny and I are both Home and licking our wounds, contemplating our next move, which resolved itself within 24hours of returning. In Kennys own words, from his Facebook page, this is a revised beginning.

*Please do read but note we WILL do the LeJog cycle ride as planned and dated this is not the end, just a revised beginning*

Friends a (very long) message from me, (Kenny Duff)

There is no easy way for me to write this but as I leave Inverness A&E with a handful of meds I have been told that I must not continue running for the sake of my health and for this I am so very sorry to everyone who has supported me, to Lifelites, to Helen & Douglas House, and to the most important pair in all of this, Beth I’m so sorry for the panic and upset at hearing me so unwell and most of all to the brains and driving force of this all my good friend and partner in this Ewan who I cannot thank enough for convincing me to stop and seek help rather than just cracking on as I suggested.

It isn’t just this run I have to sit out but running as a whole until urgent exploratory procedures, which I delayed to do the Duathlon, determine why my body is attacking itself so much and what way they can best treat me.

Last night post run I suffered the worst onset I’ve ever experienced, it was as though my body just shut down on me and I suffered sudden internal bleeds with severe cramping, nausea and constant pain. A sleepless night for me and one where I was worried that I’d need more than pluck to get through. Luckily I got through to this morning but knew I needed a trip to A&E.

Here in A&E I’ve had external, internal 😱 and X-ray examinations along with many tests and the Doctors confirm I have some form of IBD / intestinal disorder which I need to get into hospital back home and get answers to and then plan for the future with this.

I was in hospital just last week with my consultant and I worried that as my body has flared very badly four times this year alone, the previous attack just four weeks ago, I was perhaps at a higher risk of another flare. It was my consultant’s belief that I had not recovered but simply settled into being quite unwell rather than very, which is now the norm it seems. There is no rhyme or reason to my illness. It is an immune issue and unfortunately my body turns on itself for reasons, as yet, unknown

This risk was, however, a risk I was willing to accept, and was happy to. After all I have never walked away from challenge nor have I ever failed to complete any challenge I’ve undertaken. On top of my stubbornness was over a year of planning and huge investment from myself and Ewan and not least that of others who have helped.

Rescheduling was an impossible task as our work patterns just don’t mesh and we had jumped through hoops to get what we had now so it was now or never. Man plans and Nature laughs.

Sadly for my body that was too much to ask so now we will regroup, I will get some treatment, we’ll get more miles on the bikes under the belt and look toward the 27th Sept where we will go Land’s End to John O’Groats on the pedals.

We left my car up there so we best go and get it somehow.

Also thanks to the staff at Raigmore Hospital, that’s a visit I won’t forget quickly..... and to the Proprietors of Forse of Nature country hotel and arts centre for all your kind and generous help.

Duathlon update!!

I arrived back in Oxfordshire yesterday evening, GP has had me in this morning and the hospital have agreed to fast track me in on 24th prior to the cycle ride. I’m also on their cancellation list so if a space opens up I can get straight in quicker.

The general opinion I am being given is that the disorder’s damage to my digestive system has caused scarring and a disruption of the blood supply to the area. When running the blood supply has become even less as it diverted to my muscles and then the impact of road running and the jolting of the uneven road chamber and step offs has caused impact to the area and thus caused the fragile scarring to bruise and tear, this has felt like cramp so I treated it as such not realising.

When I’ve stopped running the blood has rushed back to the gut and resulted in the internal bleeding and associated issues mentioned previously which has then seen me into A&E.

The good news to all of this is that cycling is low impact so I have been told that I’m good to go however I have to start a new diet straight away and be very strict with myself. I have meds for pain control but we all know I won’t take them unless I have no other remedy.

I am still utterly devastated about the run but at least can take some solace in the fact that it couldn’t have been predicted or even prevented, it is just one of those things that can happen to people with an issue like mine. I avoid any impact work when training to avoid muscle injury or strains and so had no idea the effects it could have. Perhaps I should have got shock absorbers fitted to my fat ass 😂