The Great British Duathlon

Running from Lands End to John o'Groats then cycling back the other way...

Who are we?

We are Ewan and Kenny, click on our photos to find out a bit more...

What are we doing?

We are planning to tackle the end to end, John O’Groats to Lands End, in a way not thought up before. We are going to start at John O’Groats and run to Lands End in under 30 days, then immediately return to John O’Groats by cycling. The route is 900 miles each way, 1,800 in total, that's 30 days running and 10 days cycling.

Ewan ran JOGLE (John O’Groats to Lands End ) in 42 days in June 2015 and LEJOG by bicycle with his nephew Jamie in 2016, but we believe it’s never been done as a Duathlon.

This is going to be an amazing adventure, it’s hard enough thinking about the training, which is hard enough with a full time job each, but adventures like this is what we are all about. Please follow our adventure.

We welcome any fellow runners and cyclists to join us on this amazing adventure.

Why are we doing it?

We are running the Great British Duathlon in memory of Thomas Laurie. Thomas was an incredible young man, born with a genetic condition called Cockayne Syndrome, which results in premature ageing in children.

Thomas passed away on 19th February 2014, aged 9. He lost his fight at Helen & Douglas House and we have been raising funds for them in his memory ever since. Helen & Douglas House is the oldest Children’s Hospice in the world, Visiting Helen & Douglas House will inspire you to conquer the world, their work for children and young adults in palliative care is awe inspiring.

Lifelites is a unique Charity, which equip every Children’s Hospice in the UK with electronic equipment, such as IPads including unique and magical technology. This is achieved with no cost to the Hospice, Installation and training of the Hospice staff. Ewan is very proud of being an Ambassador for Lifelites. This technology literally changes children’s lives.

Helen & Douglas House

The oldest Children's Hospice in the world.

Raising money
£90Raised so far


Keeping Helen & Douglas House's electronic equipment up-to-date.

Raising money
£30Raised so far

Keep up to date with progress

When we are able to, we will post here...

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